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Made here in St. Louis and delivered right to your door. Treat your dog to the best, with Archie.

About Archie

Archie is a high-quality dog food delivery service located in the heart of St. Louis. Operating from a local kitchen we offer fresh, on-demand meals for your dog(s). Because real dogs deserve real food.

Fresh food ready to eat, delivered now.

Every recipe is crafted locally with real, quality ingredients that will have your dog's tail wagging.

Stop your dog from drooling...

Fish + Sweet Potato

Taste savory from the sea with Fish & Sweet Potato. featuring fresh veggies your pup will love.

Starting at $3.40 per day

Beef + Barley

Satisfy your dog’s meat tooth with the chuck roast, sweet potatoes and kale that go into our Beef & Barley.

Starting at $3.40 per day

Chicken + Waffles

Wholesome buckwheat and chicken thighs make Chicken & Waffles good enough to serve for breakfast, brunch and dinner.

Starting at $3.40 per day

Chicken + Rice

Chicken & Rice gets it tantalizing texture from tasty chicken, ancient grains, peas and carrots.

Starting at $3.40 per day

Combo Option

Our most popular item! Try out all of our flavors to see what your dog loves.

$10 + free shipping on us

Other Options

Local to you

Made in St. Louis by local chefs using real meats, whole grains, and produce.

Delivered fresh

On-demand delivery right to your doggie door.

Healthy Whole Foods

Handmade meals made with fresh human-grade ingredients, ready-to-serve.

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Fresh food delivery for your dog.

Made in St. Louis.